Fleet Management


The Fleet Management Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all city vehicles and various other equipment. Routine maintenance for an estimated 662 units is based on the number of miles (or hours) the unit has been in service.

The department consists of four full-time service technicians, with one technician devoted entirely to emergency vehicles. A dedicated office staff works hard to coordinate and facilitate the daily operations and keep downtime to a minimum.


Currently, 95% of all repairs are handled in-house. The Fleet Management Department is continually striving for improvement in quality and service, and has established a goal of increasing its in-house repair ratio to 98%. The department's number one priority is servicing the city equipment at a minimum downtime and reduced cost.


The Fleet Management Department is home to the city’s bio-diesel processing plant, which takes in used cooking oil and turns it into bio-diesel fuel that is used in some of our vehicles and equipment.

We currently collect used cooking oil from citizens and from several restaurants in the area. Used oil can be dropped off at any fire station in Hoover at any time. There are receptacles at all fire stations.

We are very proud to be a part of this recycling program and to have the backing of our citizens.