Volunteering & Community Service in Moss Rock Preserve

Many Thanks to Our Volunteers!!!

Moss Rock Preserve is very fortunate to have an active fan base in the form of local and sometimes not-so-local volunteers! Led by Ken Wills, the Friends of Moss Rock Preserve coordinate most of the volunteer efforts by organizing routine workdays in the park. The 'Friends' do whatever it takes to keep Moss Rock healthy, including trail construction, maintenance and marking, trail mapping, general trash collection, invasive plant removal and graffiti removal. Moss Rock would certainly be a different place today if it weren't for the efforts of Ken and the Friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

View photos of past volunteer work days.

Volunteer Groups

Other groups like the Access Fund, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, UAB Into The Streets, Mountain High Outfitters, Fresh Air Family, Hands on Birmingham, First Avenue Rocks, Birmingham Boulders, Boy and Girls Scouts of America, local churches and civic groups volunteer their time in the park. There is always work to be done so these groups and others like them are always welcome and very much appreciated in Moss Rock Preserve!

Because of its 349-acre size, Moss Rock can be a challenge to maintain. The City of Hoover greatly appreciates the efforts of all those who volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering in Moss Rock Preserve, please know that your efforts are welcomed and needed. If you'd like to join forces with The Friends of Moss Rock and help with any of their scheduled work days, please contact Ken Wills or call 205-515-9412. Ask Ken to add you to his email list or notify you of any already-scheduled work days. If you have a group in need of community service or other types of volunteer credit hours, we most certainly would appreciate your help as well! For those Scouts in need of an Eagle Project, we can definitely put you to work! For these types of projects, please contact Colin Conner or call 205-739-7141. We will do our absolute best to fit you or your group with an appropriate work project.