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The Hoover Health Care Authority needs your support for the certificate of need (“CON”) application being filed for the Riverwalk Health & Wellness Center. The Hoover Health Care Authority seeks to establish a new ambulatory surgical center and diagnostic facility located at Riverwalk Village. Riverwalk Village is envisioned as a mixed-use community focused on health and wellness to include medical offices, trails and green spaces, housing, and retail. The new development will be located on a 90-acre tract near Riverchase Parkway that includes 450,000 square feet of existing corporate offices. The existing South Tower will be transformed into a full-service healthcare facility and will offer a range of services for all stages of life. 

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Health and Wellness Benefits 

  • Diagnostic healthcare services provided at a lower cost for patients.
  • A high-quality healthcare operator(s) identified by the Hoover Health Care Authority.
  • Opportunity for reduced waiting times and faster EMS service through increased acute care.
  • Education and training opportunities for students seeking healthcare careers.

Riverwalk Village Project Scope

  • Total projected cost of the Development is estimated at over $400 million. 
  • The construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.
  • The principal elements of the development are:
    • Repurposing of the South Tower- South Tower will accommodate an Ambulatory Surgery Center, a Diagnostic Center, and a Multispecialty Physician Office.
    • Additions of residential units- The development will encompass construction of single and multifamily units.
    • Construction of a 135-room hotel.
    • Inclusion of 32,000 square feet of retail amenities.

Economic Impact 


  • The construction of the development has a direct and indirect impact on the region's economy, totaling over $484 million.  
  • Construction spending associated with this project  is estimated to be responsible for 3,572 jobs in the region.


  • The economy will benefit from the development with an increase from $170 million to $232 million in 10 years.
  • Predicted average annual impact of $199 million. 
  • Estimated total economic impact of the project's construction and operation phase is $2.5 billion. 
  • Estimated total employment impact of the project to be over 1,000.

Fiscal Impact 


  • The total tax revenues for the city will increase from $6.7 million in the 1st year of operation to $8.6 million by the 10th year of operation. 
  • The total tax revenues for the construction and operation phases, over 12 years, are projected to reach $79 million.

Prepared by: M. Keivan Deravi, Ph.D. | August 2023

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