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Parks & Public Spaces Plan (2023)

The Hoover Parks & Public Spaces Plan is currently underway! This plan will help shape the future of recreation in Hoover for the next generation!






Hoover Parks & Public Spaces Key Findings - Full Report

The City of Hoover is excited to share the outcomes of its recent Parks, Public Spaces, & Recreation Plan Survey, a critical initiative aimed at shaping the future of our community's recreational spaces and activities. The survey, conducted over late April and May, garnered an overwhelming response from residents, providing valuable insights that will guide the city's efforts to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

The Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan Survey was designed to gather input from a diverse range of community members. The survey covered a wide spectrum of topics, including current park usage, desired amenities, programming preferences, and future aspirations for the city's recreational facilities.

Key Highlights of the Survey Results:

  1. Strong Community Engagement: The survey garnered a very strong response [3,542 completed surveys], demonstrating the community's strong passion for their parks and recreational opportunities.
  2. Desired Amenities: Respondents expressed a strong interest in enhanced trails, blueways & greenways, walking paths, pickleball courts, & a skate park. These insights will be pivotal in prioritizing future development projects.
  3. Programming Preferences: The survey revealed a diverse range of programming preferences, from a high satisfaction with current fitness, senior center, and athletic offerings to a desire for more markets & festivals, hiking & outdoor clubs, and concerts/performances.
  4. Inclusivity and Accessibility: A significant number of respondents emphasized the importance of accessible facilities for individuals of all abilities. The city is committed to ensuring that its recreational spaces are welcoming and inclusive to everyone.
  5. Things We Do Well: Survey participants gave the highest marks for park conditions, youth sports programs, & the senior center.
  6. Ways to Improve: Survey participants highlighted opportunities to improve on how we tell our story, improve accessibility, improve our existing assets, and expand our focus.

The City of Hoover would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to all residents who participated in the survey. Their input is invaluable and will drive the city's efforts to create recreational spaces that foster wellness, connectivity, and happiness for years to come.

For more information about the survey results and upcoming developments in Hoover’s Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, please contact Mindy Wyatt - mindy.wyatt@hooveralabama.gov  or Jordan Yarbrough - jordan.yarbrough@hooveralabama.gov .

City-wide Comprehensive Plan Documents (2019 / 2020)

The City of Hoover undertook a City-wide comprehensive planning effort in 2019. This document is used to help guide discussions around Planning and Economic Development. Links to the plan are below, and more details are included on the plan page.

Comprehensive Plan (Adopted 07-2019) (Amended 12-2020)
Bike & Pedestrian Plan (Adopted 07-2019)