Completed Projects

Project Description Date Completed
Hwy 150 @ Ross Bridge Pkwy State lead project that widens Hwy. 150 04/19
US Hwy 31 Street Light Replacement, Phase 1 Installed new street lighting along Hwy. 31 from the Cahaba River Bridge to Patton Chapel Rd. 05/19
Annual City Street Pavement Evaluation Evaluate City Streets For Paving 07/19
Eden Ridge @ South Shades Crest Road Add left turn lane to South Shades Crest Rd and realign Shades Run Circle 05/20
Stadium Trace Pkwy @ Brocks Gap Adds new turn lanes and extends existing turn lanes for each of the 4 approaches 05/20
Cahaba/Riverchase Greenway Construct parking and new trail on city owned property adjacent to Riverchase Elementary School and the Cahaba River 05/20
Traffic Signal Addition - Stadium Trace Parkway @ Flemming Parkway Traffic Signal Addition 08/20
Hoover Police Training Facility Construct Police Training Facility on Municipal Drive 11/20
City Hall Renovations Renovate City Hall 3rd Floor Offices & Council Chambers 12/20
Star Lake Star Lake Improvements 12/20
Signal Modifications Upgrade  Signal Modifications Hwy 31 @ Deo Dara Drive 03/21
Bluff Park Sidewalks Construct sidewalks on multiple streets in Bluff Park 05/21
Marywood Drainage Project Drainage Project 05/22
Tamassee Lane Roadway and Drainage Improvement Projects 05/22
Inverness Community Greenway Constructs sidewalk and trail along Inverness Parkway from Valleydale Rd. through the City's Inverness Nature Park 05/22
Traffic Signal Communication Fiber Upgrades at Hwy 150 at Grove Blvd to Ross Bridge Parkway Traffic Signal Communication Fiber Upgrades 07/22
Inverness WWTP Filter Rehab Repairs Existing Filters 12/22
Maiden Lane Sidewalk Extension and Drainage Improvements Sidewalk Extension and Drainage Improvements - Savoy Street to Cloudland Drive 12/22
Valleydale Road @ Jaguar Drive WB Right Turn Lane Extension 02/23
Hoover Met @ Stadium Trace Pkwy Traffic Signal Installation Traffic Signal Installation 06/23
Bluff Park Pavillion Construct New Pavillion 07/23
Hwy 150 Right Turn Lane at Whisperwood Lane Construction Right Turn Lane 07/23
Hwy 31 Street Light Replacement (Ph. 2) Install new street lighting along Hwy 31 from Patton Chapel Road 
to I-65
Upgrade Pump Station Telemetry Inverness & Riverchase Pump Station Telemetry Upgrades (Ph. 2) 07/23
Inverness Center Drive Sidewalk Segments from Valleydale Road to Hwy 280 07/23
Riverchase & Inverness WWTP/Lift Station SCADA/Telemetry 08/23
Russet Woods Drive Sidewalks Phase 1 - South Shades Crest Rd to Guyton Rd 08/23
Patton Chapel Road Improvement Modifies existing two intersections into one in front of Gwin Elementary School and extends sidewalk along Patton Chapel Road 09/23
Oriole Drive Sidewalk Sidewalk Installation - Star Lake Drive to Deo Dara Drive 09/23
South Sanders Road Dam Lower pool elevation, lower outlet structure and spillway, replace culverts. 09/23
Pavillon Drive Replace roadway inlet and stabilize slope 09/23