Recently Adopted & Proposed Ordinances

  • Ordinance Number 23-2581 - Annexation - 5332 Old Highway 280 - South Central Bell Telephone (AT&T), owner(s). Public Hearing
  • Ordinance Number 23-2596 - An Ordinance To Amend The Short-Term Rental Regulations. Public Hearing
  • Ordinance Number 23-2597 - Issuance of $84,980,000.00 Aggregate Principal Amount Of Taxable General Obligation Warrants, Series 2023. Item For Immediate Consideration
  • Ordinance Number 23-2598 - An Ordinance To Amend The ICC A117.-2017- Standard For Accessible And Usable Buildings And Facilities To Incorporate Additional Universal Design Standards To Further Promote Universal Design In The City Of Hoover, Alabama And To Encourage A More Accessible Environment For All. 1st ReadingPublic Hearing